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Birth, Babies & Boob Business by Milk Diva

Naiomi S. Catron RNC-OB, IBCLC

Welcome to BIRTH, BABIES & BOOB BUSINESS by Milk Diva, where we have fun while pulling back the curtain and sharing little-known facts from across the birth profession, in an effort to create a more collaborative approach to maternal-child health while building sustainable businesses and empowered families.We discuss all things birth, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tongue tie, pacifiers and everything in between.If you are a Doula or Birth Professional supporting newborn feeding grab your FREE swipe file and save tons of time while offering expert feeding tips to your clients.If you are PREGNANT grab your FREE 11 page breastfeeding survival guide here --> you are a DOULA OR BIRTH PROFESSIONAL get your free Newborn Feeding Swipe File here -->